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How to Purchase a Co-Op in Tucson, AZ

Finding a Co-Op

Tucson has three main co-op locations, each with its unique charm and offerings. Explore the lush and tranquil ambiance of Citation Gardens, where community living blends seamlessly with nature. Uncover the scenic beauty and modern conveniences of Echo Ridge, offering a perfect balance between urban and suburban lifestyles. Dive into the welcoming atmosphere of Oxford Home Group, where cooperative living meets a sense of community camaraderie. With these diverse options, your search for the perfect co-op in Tucson becomes a personalized exploration, ensuring you find a home that resonates with your lifestyle and preferences.

Work with your Real Estate Agent to view the different communities and available Co-Ops for Sale.

Citation Gardens

Location: 1439 & 1447 S Jones / 1776 S Palo Verde, Tucson, AZ (22nd & Palo Verde)

Co-Ops For Sale in Citation Gardens

Echo Ridge

Location: 8130-8160 E Broadway, Tucson, AZ 85710 (Broadway & Pantano)

Co-Ops For Sale in Echo Ridge

Oxford Homes Co-Op

Location: 1350 S Avenida Polar, Tucson, AZ 85710 (22nd & Wilmot)

Co-Ops For Sale in Oxford Homes Co-Op


Distinctive to each co-op community is its unique board of directors, each with its set of specific requirements for prospective tenants. These criteria typically encompass factors such as a specified credit score and a designated income level in relation to the monthly HOA dues. It’s important to understand and meet these individualized prerequisites as you explore co-op living, ensuring a harmonious fit between your qualifications and the particular community’s standards.

Offer to Purchase

As you collaborate with your real estate agent to submit an offer on a co-op, it’s crucial to understand the subsequent steps in this unique process. Upon acceptance of your offer, the journey continues with the submission of an application to the HOA. This application goes to the specific board of directors, including a background check. Following board approval, an interview with the board of directors is scheduled for “Final Approval”. To ensure a seamless process, it’s essential that your agent can efficiently schedule and coordinate inspections & repair requests during or shortly after your approval. This comprehensive approach ensures a smooth transition from offer to successful co-op acquisition. An experienced Real Estate Agent working with Co-Ops will be able to help you anticipate what to expect during these steps.


Co-ops distinguish themselves from conventional real estate transactions by providing buyers with a unique ownership structure through a stock certificate. This certificate not only signifies ownership within the community but also grants the right to reside in the purchased home. In contrast to traditional real estate practices, co-op purchases typically forego the need for escrow. Instead, signings commonly take place at the HOA office with your Real Estate Agent. During this process, the buyer tenders a full payment via check, while the seller brings both the keys and the certificate for transfer, contingent upon the verification that there are no outstanding dues owed by the seller.

How long does the whole process take?

It really depends…The timeline for purchasing a co-op can vary due to several factors that require careful coordination. Tasks such as background checks, board of directors’ approval for your application, scheduling interviews, and coordinating inspections and repairs contribute to the process. Taking into account these necessary steps, the overall timeframe for a Co-Op purchase typically spans around 30 days.  When purchasing a Co-Op it is important to work with a Real Estate Agent who has experience with Co-Ops to ensure everything goes as smooth as it possibly can.

Talk with an agent about Co-Ops

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